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Long Term Disability Information

When an employee cannot work for an extended period of time, our long-term disability plan can help cover a portion of their income. Long-term disability starts after your 120 day short-term disability policy has run out.  LTD is 55% of you salary, however, it is tax free.  When someone goes on LTD, they are covered for health, dental and life insurance for 2 years, their pension contributions are waived and they continue to accrue pension credits. If a member returns and are back at 1/3 they may be "Topped up" through the Rehabilitation Incentive Provision of the LTD policy.  When filing for LTDI, three (3) forms must be submitted: 1. Members Claim Submission Guide 2. Physician's Statement of Disability 3.Plan Admin Statement (this one is completed and submitted by the board - no action needed on your part).

Members Claim Submissin Guide PDF Members Claim Submission Guide Word Physician Statement of Disability PDF
Physician Statement of Disability Word
LTDI Withdrawal
(if you're retiring)


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