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If you’ve been wondering “how much should I save for retirement?,” "When is the best time to retire?", "What is available for medical and dental coverage?" you’re not alone. Teachers have some unique considerations when it comes to retirement. Understandably, such broad questions means there is not one definitive answer. Your life stage, marital status, level of savings and expectations for retirement will help to determine how much you need to save, your quality of life and even plans for travel. Below are documnets and links to many of the questions you may have.  If you have suggestions for more in-depth topics or new areas of discussion, please fill in the contact form with your reccommendations. 

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RTO/ERO is the largest provider of health insurance for retirees of the education community. Rto provides a voice for a voluntary membership of over 80,000 members.  Access programs and services designed to enhance your retirement, including travel, pension support,discounts and service to others. Members benefit from a network and social activities with fellow retirees
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When Should I Declare my Retirement?

Many members ask if they should retire at the end of June, or part way through August; after all you will be covered for medical and dental for that extra time. However, If you retire June 30th, you will get pension cheques for July and August as well as your summer deferral cheques, (yes you get both) whereas if you retire in August you won't get your first pension cheque until September. Granted, if you retire June 30, you will have to start paying premiums for your new benefits plan in July. But the amount you get from your pension will far outweigh the amount of the premium for those two months.  It does not make financial sense to retire in August as opposed to June. The numbers are not huge, but you are forsaking a couple of thousand dollars in pension payments.

RTIP = Retired Teachers Insurance Plan   |     OTIP = Ontario Teacher's Insurance Plan   |   LTDI = Long Term Disability Insurance


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