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School Inspections & Training

Health and Safety (H&S) Workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of HDSB operating schools - both elementary and secondary. During each inspection, areas such as tech shops, boiler rooms, classrooms, staff rooms, washrooms etc. are all inspected.  The Joint Health and Safety Committee along with each school's Health & Safety reps are responsible to insure all protocols are followed (ie. the board has a 'safety board' posted, all fire exits are posted, asbestos registries are accessable,  monthly inspection reports are filed etc).   The links below will provide you with the tools necessary to carry out the inspection process.   

Training Presentation
Inspection Worksheet
(take with you on inspection)
Hazardous ID
Submit Inspection
Posted Safety Board
Inspection Checklist
 (provincial optional)

HDSB has changed their website.  Click the following link to file an inspection report:  https://haltonsb.esolutionsgroup.ca/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

Each school in the Halton board has a safety rep(s) who is/are your representative(s) with the board of ed and union.  If you have a concern, or need to file Health and Safety reports please contact your H & S school rep(s) at your particular site.

Abby Park Angela Kennedy  
Julie Kelly 
Paul Uzarowski
ADHS Lisa Zazzara
Jeff Boelhouwer         
Wade Richardson
Burlington Central Leigh Macklin
Blakelock Gregg Shanks
Craig Kielburger Kevin Miller
Gary Allan - Burlington New Street Mark Stevenson
Gary Allan - Bronte Creek Project/Trailhead   Darryl Houghton
Gary Allan - Halton Hills
Jacquie Wright
John Gardiner 
Gary Allan - Oakville location (Morden Rd) Erin Thomas
Gary Allan - Milton location Denise Spring 
Gary Allan - Kerr St  KSM Beverley Taylor
Garth Webb Lisa Samuels
Georgetown HS
Andrea Houtby
Sharon Speers 
Ryan Chiddington 
Karen Borovsky
Anna Ouwehand 
Kyle Stewart 
Hayden Jeff Warner  Kristen McCoy
Iroquois Ridge
Jamie Oak
Cynthia BensoN
Lester B Person George Muhic-Day
Milton District   Dan Bujold
M.M. Robinson
Mike Sydor
Heather Howell
Trevor Killin
Nicola Brannan
Oakville Trafalgar High School Bonnie Cummings
Guy D'Alesio
Robert Bateman Paul Proscdemi
Syl Aps
Stephen Weisner
Scott Wharram.  
White Oaks
Julitta Ignatjew
South rep: Melanie Baird
North rep: Ronda Rumig


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980 Fraser Drive, Unit 211
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L7L 5P5
Phone (905) 332-1228
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